Consortium / Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis (COK) of KU Leuven

Membrane research was initiated at the Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis (COK) of KU Leuven (BE) in the beginning of the nineties, closely linked to catalysis, the main emphasis of the COK. As the COK membrane research expanded since then, new fields of applications were entered, such as (solvent resistant) nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, gas separation, pervaporation, forward and pressure retarded osmosis, fuel cells and membrane bioreactors.
The main emphasis is on membrane development, mostly polymer based, often with addition of fillers to obtain mixed matrix membranes. At the level of membrane characterisation, new techniques for in-situ observation of fouling are being developed. With respect to membrane testing, a whole platform of high-throughput equipment has been developed, patented and commercialised. Also the resolution limits for membrane characterisation are being pushed via the development of advanced microscopy techniques (TEM or fluorescence based) or by applying relatively new techniques in membrane technology, like positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy.
contact: Prof. Dr. Ivo Vankelecom (ivo.vankelecom(at)

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