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Stiftelsen SINTEF (NO) is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. They create value through knowledge generation, research and innovation, and develop technological solutions that are brought into practical use. SINTEF employs 2100 staff from 67 different countries. The turnover in 2010 was 350 M€, more than 90 % of which was won in open competition for contracts for industry and the public sector and project grants from the Research Council of Norway. SINTEF Materials and Chemistry is a contract research division in SINTEF offering high competence within materials technology, applied chemistry and applied biology. The research division performs R&D, advanced consultancy and laboratory services on advanced materials, products, processes and new tools, and seek out new, environmentally friendly processing methods that will increase productivity and raise quality standards. The Department of Energy Conversion and Materials conducts research (fundamental and applied) in the field of CO2 capture using membrane separation and adsorbent technologies. This includes production and testing of various polymeric, carbon, ceramic and metallic membranes in different forms from flat sheet, tubular, hollow fibres and the assembly and sealing of the membranes in modules in lab scale pilots. The department also has experience in work and characterization of ionic liquids in which it holds strong expertise in electrochemical characterizations as well as transport mechanisms for membrane separation.
contact: Dr. Edel Sheridan (edel.sheridan(at)

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