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Solvionic AS (FR) is an innovative SME set up in May 2003. The company is expert in the synthesis, production and supplying of Ionic Liquids (ILs) from the laboratory scale to the industrial scale. Expertise has been developed in order to maintain high quality of the products while scaling-up production. Solvionic is also intensively working in the synthesis of new materials based on ionic liquids as part of the components or as a solvent or a template in reactions and processes which leads to new materials having specific properties. Our activities are then divided in two parts:
1) selection of the best available ILs according to requirements and delivery to partners;
2) synthesis of new ILs according to feedback from partners – delivery to partners;
3) scale up from the laboratory scale to pilot plant scale.
contact: Sébastien Fantini, Ph.D. (sfantini(at)

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