Consortium / Fundacion PRODINTEC

Fundacion PRODINTEC (ES) is a private industry-driven Technology Centre created to boost the competitiveness of European companies by applying research and development activities to either product designs or manufacturing processes. There are 3 main areas if activity i) Industrial Production, ii) Product Design and ii) R&D Management. PRODINTEC possesses in-house cutting-edge equipment for manufacturing and advanced software for product/process design along with high-skilled engineers with experience in different fields from electronics to micro-manufacturing for different fields. PRODINTEC has new facilities with a surface of 5.000 m2 divided into workshops and laboratories, offices, meeting, training and conference rooms.
PRODINTEC is an active member of different European Technology Platforms related to manufacturing such as MANUFUTURE and MINAM. Moreover, is member of the management boards of the European Platforms for Rapid Manufacturing and nanotechnology, NANOfutures.
contact: Dr. Paula Queipo (pqr(at)

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