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Collaboration with Australia
Also Australia with its vast hard coal resources and top research in this area is an interesting country for cooperation. The research on CO2 capture of Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) ( located in Australia and the Carbon Capture and Storage Flagships program should be known to the consortium. Even though there are currently several demonstration plants in Australia, which are all based on amine scrubbing systems, also new technologies will be investigated. INTERACT aims at the development of new technologies, to build a European new generation CO2 capture technology platform that aims to spread know-how to the upwards mentioned regions of the world.
Hence, INTERACT will collaborate within twinning activities with two Australian projects:

They are supported by ANLEC R&D, a funding entity that is funded on equal basis by the Australian Coal Association and the Department for Resources, Energy and Tourism (RET).
The collaboration will take place at two levels which are the technological level and the knowledge level. At the technological level, benchmarking of equipment, materials as well experimental procedures will be performed. It is ensured by either exchanging materials or the use of standard material to test the performance as well as exchanging researchers to perform experimental test in the other project. That allows increasing the accuracy of the experimental results as well as increases the trust in those. Additionally, at the sites of the Australian partners, the developed technologies will be tested with real flue gas from Australian power plants. That enables a performance test under realistic conditions for the developed technologies. At the knowledge level, combined workshops as well as researcher exchanges as well as combines conferences are planned to create synergies for improving research results. The cooperation with this project has been endorsed by the Australian Government.




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